A to Z Moving Guide – Let’s Make Move Easy

A is for Another Destination

Moving from one place to another is not a fun chore at all. It consists of lots of hassles and tedious tasks. It can pester you badly. It can consume your precious time and energy.

B is for Boxes / Bubble Wraps

You will probably need lots of boxes and bubble wraps for wrapping and packing your household effects before you move to another destination. Apart from boxes and bubble wraps you will also need other packing supplies and accessories like old newspapers, blank newsprint papers, padding supplies, packaging tapes, tape dispensers, labelling stickers, permanent markers, scissors, knife, etc.

C is for Car Transportation

You may need car transportation service on your move because you cannot drive for a long day on your long-distance residential relocation.

D is for Damage-free Transportation

You should pack things correctly using good quality packing supplies for damage-free transportation. Professional packers and movers companies use especially designed goods carriers or trucks for safe and damage-free transportation of household belongings from one place to another.

E is for Easy Moving

You must keep yourself organized. You should make some necessary arrangement to have easy moving process.

F is for Furniture

You must disassemble furniture into pieces before you pack, wrap or make them ready for move. Use old blankets to wrap furniture pieces to avoid scratches and damages.

G is for Garage Sale

You must get rid of unwanted items or junks of your home before you move. You can hold a garage sale to sell surplus, unwanted items or old belongings which you don’t want to transfer to your new destination door step.

H is for Hassle-free Move

If you want to have hassle-free and safe execution of entire shifting process then you should go with one of the best packers and movers companies of your city.

I is for Insurance

You must hire a professional moving company that is not only affordable but also insured and licensed. An insured moving company can provide you insurance coverage for loss of you goods if any in transit.

J is for Job

Professional packers and movers do their job with perfection. So you must assign job of relocation to professional movers to have hassle-free relocation experience.

K is for Knowledge

You must go with knowledgeable and experienced packers and movers of your city. They can assist you better.

L is for License

You must go with only a legitimate and licensed moving company. Remember; only a legitimate, licensed and insured mover can provide you completely safe and tension-free execution of entire shifting process. You must check license of movers before hiring the services.

M is for Money

You must learn some money moving saving tips so that you can reduce moving costs and make your move affordable.

N is for New Address

Don’t forget to notify your relatives and friends about your new address. You should also changes address with your new address wherever it requires.

O is for Offer

Search online for special moving offers. Different moving companies offer may provide different offers for their relocation services.

P is for Packing

You must ensure proper packing of your household effects before you move. Whether you pack things yourself or hire professional packing service; packing of goods should be done perfectly so that your belongings can remain undamaged in transit.

Q is for Quotes

You can get moving quotes these days online. There are several online portals where you can get moving quotes within few minutes. Compare different moving quotes of different potential movers and packers companies will help you pick the best packers and movers at affordable and genuine rates.

R is for Relocation

Relocation is another term given to moving from one place to another. For hassle-free relocation you must have a proper moving plan. You should hire services of one of the best moving companies of your city for hassle-free and safe execution of entire relocation process.

S is for Solution

You don’t need to worry too much. There is solution to every problem. If you are looking for solution to all your relocating needs then professional packers and movers can certainly provide you.

T is for Transportation

You need to make transportation arrangements for your goods. And there is professional moving company to give you right solution for the same. But what about transportation arrangements for your pets, plants and family members? So you also make proper travel and transportation arrangements for your pets, plants and family members well before you move to your new place.

U is for Unpacking

Unpacking must be also done properly to avoid damages. Proper labelling while packing will ensure for easier unpacking.

V is for Valuables

You should pack your valuables and important documents by yourself only. You should never put such things onto the moving truck. Keep these valuables safely with you only and carry with you.

W is for Warehousing

You may need warehousing and storage for your belongings on your move. Almost all good moving companies provide safe and secure warehousing & storage services. So go with that particular good moving company that also provide you warehousing & storage solutions for your belongings.

X is for Xcitement

You have lots of excitements all about your new place, new environment, new neighbors and new beginnings of your life. You children are too very excited for the new place and new friends and their new neighbouring.

Y is for Yet to Be Done

Don’t forget to inspect every room of your old residence before moving to your new place. Make sure there is nothing to leave behind. If you find there is something yet to be done then finish them as soon as possible before you move.

Z is for Zzzz

Take a well deserved break after your move and enjoy your new place.

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Packing Household Items and Getting Ready for a Move

Moving home from one place/city to another can be one of the most challenging, complicated, time-consuming and stressful events of your life. But you can simplify the relocating process with proper packing of household items and keeping yourself and your things well-organized. If you ensure for proper packing of your household effects; you can see easier and damage-free relocation. However you will need to plan ahead for your move; packing of goods.

You must have a nice plan or strategy to ensure all of your household effects are packed correctly and transferred from Destination 1 to Destination 2 safely. You must pack things in a way so that you cannot see damage or loss of your possessions in transit. Here are some fantastic ideas and nice packing tips which can reduce the stress level on house moving and turn the situation into easygoing and smooth affair. In this article you will come to know: how to make a budget for moving home, what packing supplies you will need, how to pack things correctly, how to label boxes properly, and how to unload all your belongings into your new residence.


The process of home relocation consists of lots of hassles and tedious tasks. Heavy lifting will often put a strain on your back and your budget too. But with right planning and making some right decision you can ease the process. Preparing for a move is an imperative step toward making move simpler. Preparation is as important as the actual move. With right planning, well-thought strategy of moving home and keeping yourself organized you can save your precious time, energy and money as well.

In the process of how to pack household effects and get ready for a move; it is of extreme importance to have three things:

  1. A Moving Budget – A moving budget will help you keep your move economical and affordable. It will make sure you don’t spend more money than it is worth on moving.
  2. A Moving Checklist – A good moving checklist will keep you organized. It will ensure that you don’t forget anything for the move.
  3. Plenty of Packing Supplies – Good quality packing and moving supplies will ensure for proper and safeguarded packing of your household effects; especially for fragile or highly breakable items.

You must want to know the tips for doing these three important things of Preparation for a Move efficiently. The following sections will provide you some fantastic ideas to do each of these three things efficiently.  Let’s go for it.

Tips for Creating a Moving Budget

Many folks make big mistakes when it comes to create a moving budget. There are also some folks who forget to create the moving budget. But you don’t need to do so. You must create a right budget for your move so that you can keep your move economical. To avoid mistakes in your case, you need to follow a few simple steps so that you can create a moving budget that can make your move economical. You must think about how you want to spend on your move or what amount of money you are capable to spend. So it is better to plan ahead!

First of all you need to list what you need to pay and where you need to pay for your move. With a moving budget you cannot cut the necessary cost but certainly can make it affordable by making some right decisions. Services of professional packers and movers are not cheap. Professional moving companies can charge a lot for their services. If you are thinking about hiring professional moving services then you might need to save money for the moving company. You can save money packing things on your own. Comparing different quotes of multiple movers and packers companies can also save you money.

You should also consider about travel expenses; such as fuel charges, car on rent, mid-way lunch at restaurant, a stop for coffee & tea; and many more possible expenses. You might have some extra amount in your budget to encounter some unexpected costs and surplus charges. So it is imperative to plan more money just in case. You should also start saving money for the move. There are also some ways by which you can save money on your move costs; such as borrow boxes from friends, getting boxes from your local grocery stores & chemists, taking help of friends, etc.

Tips for Creating Moving Checklists

Drawing up to-do lists and creating checklists of a move is imperative in order to make relocating process a lot easier and simpler. Checklists will ensure for smooth relocation and keep you well-organized. Creating checklists is imperative because you don’t know everything that is in your home, everything that you need to do, everything that you want to pack and move; and everything that you want to get rid of. It is possible that you will have some items and old belongings which you don’t want to transfer to your new destination door step. So you must get rid of such things before you move to your new place. You should make separate checklists for different things for each week as much as 1 month before the actual moving date. Following are some general checklists which you can use on your move.

  • Select the things you want to keep.
  • Select the things you want to get rid of.
  • Look for insured, licensed and experienced packers and movers.
  • Start collecting free moving quotes.
  • Compare multiple quotes to select the best mover at the best price.
  • Make file of all the expenses or to keep important documents and receipts.
  • Collect good quality plenty of packing supplies well in advance.
  • Create a proper plan for the move to your new home.
  • Pack all your household effects properly for safe transit.
  • Label all boxes with appropriate tags.
  • Proper labelling will make unpacking easier.
  • Make packages for your family members.
  • Arrange travel arrangements for you and your family members.
  • Arrange travel arrangements for your pets.
  • Cancel/transfer addresses, utilities services, etc.
  • Notify friends, relatives, banks, insurance companies, etc.
  • Collect certificates and documents.
  • Check your home appliances and electronics.
  • Double check everything before leaving the home.
  • Make an inventory of the things you move.

Tips for Getting Best Packing Supplies

Best Packing Supplies

You cannot expect for a hassle-free, tension-free and damage-free home relocation without right packing and moving supplies. Good quality packing supplies are mandatory for the safe transportation of household items from one place to another. You will need to different packing supplies as per the nature of items and belongings. You will never like to see damage of your precious things, laptops, TV sets, music players, silverware, glassware, chinaware, computers, washing machines, refrigerators, jewelleries, etc because of improper packing and packing supplies. So it is imperative that you must collect/purchase the best moving supplies and boxes for packing of all your household belongings.

To save some amount of money on your move you can collect used boxes from your local grocery stores or chemists. But there are changes of less durability of used boxes. So if you want to utilize used boxes then make sure they are sturdy enough for proper & safe packing of your possessions. It is advisable that you should go with fresh and new boxes and moving supplies rather than using old and used ones. What packing supplies you will need on your move? You can ask your packers and movers for recommended packing supplies because they are experienced and can suggest you right supplies.

However; we here suggest you some of packing supplies you may need on your move. Moving supplies on your move include boxes of different sizes, wardrobe boxes for clothes & garments, dish-pack boxes, zippered plastic bags, heavy duty packaging tapes, tape dispensers, scissors, knife, rope, bubble wraps, old newspapers, blank newsprint papers, padded bags, air bags, labelling stickers, permanent markers, etc. It is advisable that you should purchase or collect 25% extra moving supplies than of actual need to avoid last minute hassles and shortage.


Proper packing is imperative for a safe transit of goods from one place to another. You can see damages of goods in transit due to improper packing. You can also see lots of confusion while unpacking because of improper packing and labelling. You should pack things correctly using good quality packing supplies so that your belongings can be transferred to your new destination door step safely. You must organize and sort things before you start pack things. How to pack household items efficiently is an art and you must know it. There are multiple steps you need to take in order to ensure that everything is properly organized, sorted and packed. Here is what to do and how to do.

Tips for Proper Packing

Room by Room Packing Plan: Go with room by room packing plan. Pack items of one room in a day and relax in the rest. You should never try to pack items of all rooms of your room in a single day because your health is more important. You must keep yourself revitalized and energetic.

Packing Similar Items Together: Pack similar items together and don’t pack items of one room to another to avoid confusion. Don’t forget to assign a room number on that particular box. You should also label the boxes as per the nature of items; such as fragile.

Wrapping Items Properly: Wrapping is important. You must wrap items before you place them in the box. Wrapping will protect item against scratches and also provide cushioning inside the box. You can use bubble wrap, wrapping sheets or blank newsprint papers to wrap items. You can also use old newspapers to wrap items in order to save money. But many people say that old newspapers leave mark on items especially on white chinaware. So be careful.

Weight of the Box: You should pack a box in full. You should never leave empty space in the box. You must fill the empty space with wadded papers, cotton clothes, soft toys, etc. The weight of a box also means a lot. It is advisable that you should keep the weight of a box not more than 25kg. You should never overweight the box. You can keep the weight of the box as you can lift it easily on your own.

Fragile Items Packing: You will need to take extra care while packing fragile or highly breakable items like chinaware, silverware, photo frames, glassware, artworks, etc. You should extra layer of wrapping sheets, lots of padding supplies and especially designed padded boxes for such items. Dish-pack boxes are good for chinaware, silverware, glassware, etc.

Wardrobe Boxes: Wardrobe boxes are idea for packing of garments and clothes because you can place your garments in such boxes similar to your wardrobe almirah. You can also use your own suitcases. You must seal and close boxes properly. You should use heavy duty packaging tape to seal and close the box.

Take Apart Large Items: You may face difficulties in packing of bulky and large items. But you with some good steps you can simplify the process. You should take apart large items. For example; you can disassemble furniture into pieces; if possible; and then wrap in the old blankets. You can pack your part of computer system (monitor, CPU, keyboard, sound boxes, etc) separately, in order to make the box lighter.

Appliances and Electronics Packing: It is advisable that you should use original packing supplies and boxes to pack TV, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, Mixer Grinder, Juicer, Blender, AC, Cooler, DVD Player, Music System, etc. If you don’t have their original supplies then you should ask your packers and movers for recommended alternative supplies for such appliances and electronics.

Open Me First Box: You should never forget to pack a box to open first. In the box you may keep items like a set of clothes, towels, toothbrush, toothpaste, tissue paper, Handwash, sanitizer, first-aid box, medicines, soap, Facewash, spoons, plates, etc. These are a few items which you will probably need upon arrival at your new residence.

Tips for Proper Labelling

Labelling is very important. You must label the box with appropriate tags to avoid later confusion at your new destination door step. A box should be labelled with a number, a room, a tag and short description of contents. To avoid messy labelling you can put a note of contents inside. You can use colorful labelling stickers to easily differentiate boxes and understand what are inside.

  • Label boxes according to room number – ROOM NO 1, ROOM NO 2, ROOM NO 3, etc.
  • Label boxes with appropriate tags – FRAGILE, KITCHEN ITEMS, BEDROOM, BATHROOM, etc.
  • Write a short description of contents or place a note of contents.
  • Use colorful labelling stickers to easily differentiate boxes.
  • Don’t make messy labelling at all.
  • Label to make unpacking easier not to increase confusion.

I hope ideas aforementioned in this article will help you pack things correctly like professional Packers and Movers in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and other cities do on a move. This article is prepared Movingtips.in. At this website you can also get information about Packers and Movers in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, and other cities and towns of India.

Tips to Reduce Stress During Home Relocation

Relocation is not an easy task especially when you have to move along with your entire household goods. You have to go through a lengthy procedure for a safe relocation like packing, transporting, rearranging etc. Moving is a stressful process as you have to be very attentive and careful during packing and shifting your goods. One of the main concerns while relocation is the safety of the goods and everyone wants to relocate them safely and securely at their new location. The safety and security of the goods gives stress. The whole relocation process becomes stressful and gives you anxiety, worries and sleepless nights. Here are some tips that will help you to reduce stress during relocating your home:

Manage Your Time: Time management is important to relocate home as you need sufficient time for packing your stuffs. So start packing many days before the moving day this way you will get sufficient time for both your work and packing and it will lead to a stress free relocation.

Get Rid of Extra Items: There are many goods that are of no use and will only block the place in your new house so get rid of such goods that you will not use anymore in future.

Get Professional’s Help: Moving and shifting is a tedious task and should be done under the assistance of professionals and experts that are none other than packers and movers. So hire packers and movers to relocate safely and securely along with entire household goods.

Sign Moving Contract: You must sign the moving contract with your packers and movers where pickup and delivery date should be mentioned. The charges should be precisely written on the documents to avoid any hidden charges.

Make Inventory list: Making of inventory list makes great help, make such list that will help you to know how much of goods you have and the goods that already been loaded into the truck and what else to be loaded. This way your goods will not be misplaced and you will have the records even of the tiny goods.

These are the way that will make your home relocation stress free and hassle free. You can enjoy the tedious and hectic task of relocation with reliable and professional packers and movers. So find the right moving company in your locality and hire packers and movers to make your move stress free and hassle free with them. There are several professional removal companies in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi NCR, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh and several other cities of India to choose from.

  1. Money Saving Moving Tips: Ask Friends for Help on Move
  2. DIY Packing Moving Tips – Packing Household Items for a Move

Money Saving Moving Tips: Ask Friends for Help on Move

If you are on a move then you can take help from your friends or relatives. Ask some of trusted friends or relatives for help on your move well in advance. Whether your friends or relatives are courageously helping you in entire shifting process or they are just hanging out for moral support, you should let them know about your home relocation well in advance. You can notify them sending them email or making phone calls asking their help on your move. Ask friends to help you only if you are willing to return the favor. They are giving their time to you and they will expect you to do the same for them one day. Distribute the tasks among your friends depending on their skills and abilities.

You are lucky that you have some kind-hearted persons in your friend list who are ready to offer big help on your move. They can assist you pack things and move boxes as well. With help of your friends you can reduce a significant amount on your overall moving costs because professional packers and movers can charge you heavy amount for their professional packing and moving services. You should never forget to reward your friends and relatives for their big help on your move. You can take them out to a restaurant after the move or order beverages and snacks. Pizza and beer can be the best choice. You can also go with tea, biscuits and home-made snacks.

If you cannot think of such people who can help you on your move then you are better off hiring services of one of the best packers and movers companies of your city. There are several professional Packers and Movers in Pune and Packers and Movers in Bangalore to choose from.

DIY Packing Moving Tips – Packing Household Items for a Move

Before you move home from one place to another you must need to pack all the household effects correctly so that they can be transferred to your new place safely. Packing of household items for a move is imperative. You should make sure that it is done correctly. You can let your packers and movers to pack your belongings for your move. Experts can pack things more correctly than of you. If you have limited budget or you want to pack things on your own for some other reasons then you must learn some efficient packing tips so that you can pack your household belongings correctly like professional packers and movers do.

You must know that packing your household items will take a long time. So you must be well-prepared, well-organized and have a good moving plan in advance. The process of packing can consume your time but it should not consume your life. You should start packing of your household belongings at least a few weeks well in advance so that you have enough time to pack everything of your household. You should also clutter junk and unwanted items. Here are some awesome packing hacks for moving home you should know.

Packing Supplies, Boxes and Accessories: Collect plenty of packing supplies and boxes/cartons well in advance. You should buy 25% extra packing supplies than of you actually need to avoid the last minute shortage and hassles.

Packing supplies you may need – Boxes/cartons of different sizes, wardrobe boxes, dish-pack boxes, cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, wrapping sheets, blank newsprint papers, old newspapers, cushioning & padding materials, colorful labeling stickers, permanent markers, heavy duty packaging tapes, tape dispensers, scissors, ropes, zippered plastic bags, old blankets, hardware tool kit, knife, scissors, etc. You can save money collecting boxes or cartons from your local grocery stores or chemists. They can provide you at free or very nominal costs.

Packing Plan: Follow proper packing plan. Room by room packing plan is a good idea. Pack items of one room at a time and label the boxes as per room number. Don’t mix items of different rooms or different nature in the same box. Pack similar items together.

Weight of Box: Don’t overweight the box. Keep the weight of a box between 20kg to 25kg.

Wrapping: Wrap items in bubble wraps or wrapping papers or blank newsprint papers or old newspapers; whatever you prefer. Bubble wrap will be more beneficial to protect your items against damages.

Heavier & Lighter Items: Pack heavier and larger items in small boxes. Pack smaller and lighter boxes in larger boxes. Books are heavy items so you must pack them in small box so that you can easily lift the box full of heavy books.

Fragile: Use plenty of padding supplies and wrapping sheets to pack fragile or highly breakable items. You must be very attentive and careful in packing of fragile belongings.

Padding/Cushioning: Think about empty space in the box. You must not leave the empty space. You should fill the empty space with wadded papers, bubble wraps, or old newspapers. You can also use your old clothes, towels and soft toys to fill the empty space inside a box.

Labeling: Label each and every box properly with appropriate tags. Use colorful labeling stickers and mention which types of items they are. You can also designate room number. You should also put a note with contents of the box. You must remember; proper labeling will make unpacking process a lot easier and simpler. So label box correctly.

Garments: Use wardrobe boxes to pack your garments. You should also utilize your suitcases.

Kitchenware: Use specifically made dish-pack boxes to pack kitchenware items like dishes, plates, bowls, chinaware, silverware, etc.

Valuables & Documents: Take care of valuables and important documents like jewelries, collectables, hobby collections, bank documents, insurance papers, lease agreements, property papers, school/college certificates, and other valuable items and important documents. You should never put such things on the moving van or truck. You must carry such valuable possessions by yourself only.

Furniture: Furniture is heavy and bulky items. You may find it difficult to make them ready for move. But some right measures you can do it. If possible, disassemble the furniture into pieces. Keep the hardware in zippered plastic bags and attach with that particular furniture pieces. Thereafter wrap furniture pieces into old blankets. Thereafter you can also wrap them with bubble wraps for extra care.

Appliances and Electronics: You home appliances, kitchen appliances, electronics and gadgets should be also packed correctly for safe transportation. It is advisable that you should pack these items using their original packing supplies and boxes; if you have them. If you don’t have their original packing supplies then you must not hesitate to ask your packers and movers for recommended packing supplies. You must take care while you are packing your television, washing machines, refrigerator, mixers grinder, blenders, juicer, toaster, microwave-oven, computer, laptops, etc. It is also advisable that you must defrost your freezer and refrigerator at least 24 hours before of your move.

If you are still unsure to pack your household effects for your move then you must take the help of professional packers and movers. Professional packers and movers can provide you efficient and correct packing solution for your household goods shifting needs. There are many professional Packers and Movers in Pune, Packers and Movers in Mumbai, Packers and Movers in Bangalore, Packers and Movers in Hyderabad and in several other cities and towns of India to choose from.