Shifting from one place to another can be a challenging task. Packing is an art that only organized people can boast of. However, with these tricks you can have a hassle free packing experience and a totally new perspective towards shifting and packing. As already mentioned, one has to have a prior planning as to which items go first in the box and which items find themselves being parted with.

Moving comes with lots of responsibilities. A home is not just a roof over our head but a pack of million things that sum up our lives. First things first, you need to list items, categorize them into appliances, books and documents, furniture, glass materials, clothes, miscellaneous stuff. After drafting important things, you need to chuck off unnecessary items. Old and outdated stuff need not be carried to the new place. It will only take up more space in the new apartment. You should get rid of unwanted things as soon as possible. You can balance your budget by selling off old gadgets, bicycles, furniture etc. For other stuff that cannot be sold, you can feel good by donating to people who need it more than you do.

Valuable items to be valued

Now focus should be on your most priced possessions. It is advised to be extra cautious with expensive things like jewelery, vase, antiques, photo frames etc. These are the things that don’t aid your activities. Packing them first will help uncluster your mind. You need to have all packing materials arranged beforehand. Don’t forget to label the box as you pack them. After labeling is done make sure to stock them and keep it away. It shouldn’t hog your way in the house.

Involve children the better way

Generally, children and packing is a messy combination but you can guide your children and let them have fun too. It will allow them to take part in it and understand the gravity of the situation. Children can be directed to collect and assemble their toys, board games, stuffed items, etc. They should be allowed to pack their stuff in their own way. Although, parental guidance is deemed necessary.

Handling Electric Appliances

One must be extra careful with electric appliances. Turning it off, unplug them carefully and don’t forget to clean them before packing like your refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, microwave oven etc. They should be packed in their own wooden cases along with their warranty cards.

Packing Tips and Tricks

Things from the store room should be packed one month prior to moving. Given the logic that you won’t need them at that hour. And gradually fixtures and furnitures should be dismantled in the week following shifting. Kitchen tools and arteries should be packed carefully in 2-3 days. Clothes and other regular use stuff should be compiled and loosely packed for the moment. AC, fans and curtains should be removed the same day and everything should now be finally cross checked and sealed. Plants and flower pots should be handled with care and should be amongst the last things to be placed on the shifting vehicle.

It is very important to have key participation in the shifting process and guiding the shifting professionals. Bags, pins, cello-tapes and a pair of scissors should be kept handy, for easy accessibility.