The shifting process is very tiring and tedious. Packing and moving all our belongings is really difficult. We are often asked to store sufficient packing boxes, packing bags, bubble wraps, foam sheets and packing peanuts to pack all the stuffs and buying all these at a time can be a bit costly. Why don’t you go for the trash bags rather? Yes the pile trash bags which you have stored in your store room or in your kitchen. The garbage bags can be very useful at times. You have always used the garbage bags to throw the garbage out of your home, but they have other uses too. Don’t just roll them and put them in cardboard box during your packing and moving process. Use them wisely and that will lead you to the hassle free packing without wasting money.

What type of bags to choose during the packing and moving

The garbage bags or trash bags you might find at your home and for the adequate supply, you can buy some trash bags too. They are easily available at your any near by convenience store and the best part is these bags are really inexpensive. But remember this time you are not going to use them only to put the garbage. This time they are going to play a big role in your packing and moving process. So, while selecting the trash bags for packing make sure that

  • The bags you are buying should be branded because the local trash bags have high risk of getting torn. Usually the generic trash bags are not good in quality and putting your belongings in those bags would not be a good idea.

  • Choose the largest trash bags. Yes, in this way you will be able to put a lot of things in a single bags and lesser number of bags are easy to handle. Large bags are easy to carry and you can put stuffs like books, carpets, rags, and blankets in those bags but at the same time make sure that the bags are enough strong to carry all these.

  • Bags should have the minimum thickness that they can carry the belongings safely. Thinner trash bags can be torn up easily especially when they are full of various stuffs and of course you don’t want to your bags to tear up in the mid-way of shifting. So buy the thickest trash bags. Trash bags come in various size and quality. Try to buy the best quality bags and you will have a successful moving.

  • Always use clean and dry trash bags for packing your stuffs because the used trash bags can damage the products. So use brand new clean trash bags.

  • Check each and every trash bag that if they are water proof, because if any of the stuffs catches water, that can be damaged.

What to pack in the trash bags

Trash bags are good for packing every soft items . Clothes, shoes, socks,bed sheets,blankets, pillows, food containers, dry foods are completely okay to pack in trash bags. Try not to pack the heavy items like large books,electronic gadgets, metallic showpieces, utensils, fragile items in trash bags because they need to be put in the packing boxes and most importantly never ever pack your valuables in trash bags, otherwise you can lose them easily. Try to put your important documents in cardboard box while shifting, because they are not safe enough in the trash bags.

Use trash bags instead of packing boxes

Packing boxes take more place and they are heavier than the trash bags. So, it is quite problematic to carry the packings boxes during the shifting process and as they can’t be squeezed and put at any place, so it is not possible to carry many packing boxes at a single time. Even you will need more helping hands during your moving if you pack your belongings in the packing boxes. Trash bags are easy to carry as they don’t weigh much and they can be easily folded or squeezed, you can put them anywhere. They don’t take much space. As packing boxes are harder than trash bags, so they are good choice for carrying heavy and fragile items. So in those cases packing boxes can be used. Packing boxes become useless once you complete the process of packing and moving and we either store them in the store room or we just throw them out but the trash bags can be used differently even after packing and moving. You can put garbage into them later. So, trash bags are always a good option.

Various uses of trash bags

  • Carrying the plants during shifting process is a bit tricky process, but with the trash bags that can be done easily. Whether you are moving your pot plants or your garden plants, they must be carried with care. The wet soil might get all over the packing container, the delicate plants might get damaged and to prevent this from happening, trash bags should be used.

  • Trash bags can be used as floor protector, especially during the bad weather. The rain and dust makes the floor dirty and our feet get smeared with the dirt, so you can cut the trash bags and spread them as sheets on the floor to prevent the dirt.

  • Trash bags can be used to cover clothes. Before putting the expensive clothes into the packing boxes, you can cover them up with trash bags as they are made with waterproof material and they will work as an extra protection. For the inexpensive clothes you can directly put them in trash bags. It will be easy to carry them.

  • Lastly, when you are done with the packing and moving process, your house must be full with loads of trashes after unpacking things. Clean up all the garbage and put them in those trash bags that you have used for your packing. Throw them out of your place.

As now you know the advantages and disadvantages of trash bag as a packing container, you can use all your garbage bags wisely in packing and moving of all your belongings.