When you are about to change your residence or to shift to another city or state, you start planning for the whole packing and moving process of all your belongings. While we worry about the packing and moving of the furniture, vehicles and other household things and ask help from the packers and movers, we often underestimate our clothes and think that it is an easy job to pack the clothes. But it is a really challenging job to pack an Almira full clothes. But don’t worry. Here are some tips for you.

Sort them out

Most of us have Almira, drawers, suitcases full of clothes. This is a common scenario for you if you are a shopping-freak. Some of the clothes we actually use, or we like to wear and the rest of the clothes we rarely use, or we are keeping them unnecessarily and we don’t need any of them. So this is the right time to get rid of the unnecessary items. Don’t be clingy. Give away or donate the clothes that you don’t need and try to make some space because there is no use of carrying the unnecessary weight.

Clean up

Once you have sorted out the garments that you are going to carry with you wherever you are moving into, it is the right time to launder the clothes. Don’t ever put the dirty, stained clothes in the packing boxes. Wash them properly, dry them and later iron them. This is the most important step of packing your garments.

Organize the clothes

Keep the clothes in different segmentation . Try to organize them as per the seasonal requirements and according to each of the member of the family. Keep different boxes for the summer garments and winter garments. Each member should keep their clothes in separate box than others and while putting the clothes in the boxes make sure that heavy clothes like jacket, woolen garments, denim clothes must be in the lower part of the box and light clothes in upper part. This will make the packing process less confusing.

Packing hacks

Try to pack clothes in such a manner that does not wrinkle your clothes. Use vacuum bags and plastic sheets that can prevent them from water. Try to fold the clothes in a tricky way that they occupy less space. Lay the large sized clothes and keep the small clothes in them and then wrap it well. Keep naphthalene and insect repellent in the packing boxes where you are putting your clothes and don’t forget to seal the boxes with tape.

There are more tips than the aforementioned tips. Don’t get stressed if you are going shift anywhere with all the bundle of clothes. Initiate the process, ask for help to the packers and movers if needed.