Moving is the only time when a person comes across the real things he actually possesses. The main thing is that relocation is the only time to encounter the things that you have not used for ages. It’s all because they were buried deep inside, doesn’t mean that you will not encounter them. This is the final time for you to search in the trash as what are the things worth carrying and which all things should be left like that only.

There is no doubt on this that packing is the biggest challenge of shifting. When you are supposed to pack the things that you are possessing, it might give you tough goals. One thing that you always have to consider while packing the things is that you need to declutter. Sort out the load and make sure you are carrying the essentials with you.

When you have decided to pack the things by own then the first consideration would definitely be going with cardboard boxes. And, why not after people consider packing only with cardboard boxes. If you are using cardboard boxes then here are the benefits that you will get.

Cardboard Boxes

Mostly Free of Cost:

The biggest benefit of getting cardboard boxes is that they are easily available and most importantly they are free of cost. Yes, you can get them from the general store near you or can collect them from the local wine shop too. There are high chances for you to get them all free of cost.

Protect the Items Inside:

Whatever are the items that are kept inside a cardboard box there are more chances for them to stay intact during the move. Other than packing the things in any other material, cardboard boxes claim more safety and security.

Easy to Pack and Move:

Packing cardboard boxes is an easy affair and even a novice can do that. If you want to make it waterproof you can add bubble wrap r plastic sheet from inside. So, definitely packing a cardboard box would always be a treasure.

Come in Different Sizes:

There are items or different sizes and shapes in a home to pack and move. If you are packing the things by own then different size of moving boxes will assure that you pack the items efficiently.


The biggest benefit of using the cardboard boxes for packing the items is that they are recyclable. They can be easily re-used and that too without hampering the environment.

Definitely cardboard boxes are easily available, but there is another side of the card too. Other than going for cardboard boxes, using plastic boxes is also a way out to pack the things. Just take a roundtrip on the uses and advantages of using plastic containers for shifting.

Plastic Containers

Easily Available on Rent:

Plastic container is the new way of packing. If you really wish to upgrade yourself then switch to plastic containers now. If you are thinking that you need to invest a lot of money on this then you are wrong. You can collect these from packers and movers or can also take them on rent. There are many companies that provide packing materials on rent.

No Additional Waste Created:

If you are using cardboard boxes for packing the things then by the end of the move they all are a waste but this is not in the case of plastic bins. At the end of the move, you can collect them all and give it back. So, you would be saved from the additional mess.


Plastic containers are reusable. You can use them many times you think. Even if you have purchased the containers for shifting, you can get the money back by renting it to the needy. It is a smart way out to get back your investment in packing materials.

Fit Perfectly Together:

Stacking or storing plastic containers is easy as compared to the ordinary cardboard boxes. When items are kept inside it then it will not lose its shape or size. In the end, using a plastic container is definitely going to be a good decision for you.

Durable and Sturdy:

If you are using a plastic container for packing and moving your items then there is a surety that your items are safe because plastic containers are durable and sturdy. If there are fragile items then only plastic containers can provide them safety.

With the above-mentioned discussion, it is definitely clear that if you are looking for a durable and sturdy choice then plastic containers make a good choice. As they are reusable, it can benefit many. There are many packers and movers companies in India that also give plastic containers on rent. However, for safe shifting, it is always required that you should hire the experts for the moving task but if in case, you cannot do the same you should use the hi-quality material for the same.

When the move is over, you really need not think about the way to get over the clutter because you can easily collect the plastic containers and it can be reused. They are easy to carry and most importantly they can bear a good weight. Suppose, you need to move bulky books then a cardboard box can ditch you in between the move but a plastic container will never. As plastic containers are temperature controlled hence the item inside will always remain safe.


As a conclusion, we can say that both the things are significant in their own way. If you don’t want to take any sort of risk with packing the things when you are your own boss then go with plastic containers. Packers and movers in India do have cardboard boxes, but as they are expert with them they efficiently pack and move items safe. If you never want to take a risk with moving the things then use the best and in between these two, plastic containers are the best choice.