Say No to DIY in Move! An open Letter from Your Knee

Hello, this is your knee, the part of your body that helps you to have the perfect balance and that aids you to walk straight. You stand tall to face every challenge because of me but sometimes you getting into unnecessary things, they just annoy me. You remember the last week hustle-bustle of shifting your things. You remembered that I bleed so hard when you hurt me by the corner of your loving bed that you don’t want to leave there at the old place.

You know that I am never against you and always support you in all the good and bad decision. I never raised a voice for anything but this time it was just the limit of everything. You are neither a superman, nor I am made from iron, that no jerking could hurt me and you have to admit this point. I am as fragile as any other parts of your body. Yes, I am your support but your support does need a support at bad times.

knee hurt from beds corner

I understand well your financial status and definitely I am not telling you to burden yourself unnecessarily with the packers and movers charges. But, you should not sacrifice your comfort for the sake of a little investment. You might have forgotten but I still bear the mark of wound that I got last year when you were trying to move that giant sofa upstairs of your new apartment. You know because of my wound you could not attend your office and most importantly your bestie’s birthday. I really always want to be your support and never want to bother you or interrupt you for anything but sometimes you just annoy me and this makes me to show you my bad side. I am definitely not trying to be bossy but to make you understand my value, sometimes I have to take the extreme step. I am an incredible part of your body and hence you should stop hurting me unnecessarily when there are already options to escape.

knee pain by lifting heavy boxesYou think you have got the superpower just because you know how to pack things for a move. This is not a justified thing. You are aware about packing few of the common things but specialized items need special packing and moving. Okay, I will keep aside packing, I will agree that you know packing and when you have proper packing supply by your side you can pack the things by own but what about moving those big and bulky items. I am your support and would stand with you when you would try to move packets but doing the things that are impossible to handle solely would leave you and I hurt by the end.

See, you know that you have heard from people about the packers and movers that provide cheap services. You can hire them for shifting the things. It’s okay if you cannot afford the full service packers and movers at least hire them for moving the things. Those big and bulky items, I am swearing that though your hands lift them up but ultimately I suffer. There are movers that offer loading and unloading services, hire them at least. This would save me from stress and strain. If you are taking it casually now then my pain would make you suffer a lot at your old age. I am warning you now only so that my pain would not haunt you in the hard days.

Okay I understand that, it was your last minute move but still there were ways you should have tried to come out of this trauma. You could have asked friends for assistance and even your favorite neighbor Jim would also not have denied. But, what’s gone is gone and is definitely a lesson. I hope you would not mistake this mistake again because I am already much hurt.
Do not try to do packing and moving by own and hire packers and movers, it is my sincere request.

Always hire professionals

Love and Regards