Unpacking is an art and science in itself. Your work begins right from the moment when you started packing. Although it is just the opposite of packing, it more or less exhibits the same principles to follow. The packing rules go for the unpacking rules in the reverse order. It is this simple! With just few things tactfully thought-over, it can lead to a relaxed unpacking experience. You are just a few steps away from unpacking joys to discover and design your new house.

Unpacking is daunting as shifting is a physically straining process and arranging, packing, assembling, and organizing stuff seems like a never-ending task. But you must see unpacking as an adventure that allows you to turn your new house into your dream home. Unpacking should never be delayed, as the more you postpone it, the bigger the pile of cartons get. And it lingers in your mind depriving you of a sound sleep. It also occupies your mind. This is why it is advised to unpack in one go. But yes if you are too tired or running out of time, you can always unpack in installments based on the urgency of the products that need to be unpacked first. It is a known fact that tomorrow never comes. So try not to delay the unpacking process. It has to be done within the first week of shifting.

While unpacking, make a quick revision of all the carton boxes that are lugged onto your new house. First things first, see if all the boxes have arrived. Numbering of boxes will help you know that in just a glance. So, don’t forget to label and number your cartons. Better packing leads to better unpacking. You should pack keeping in mind how you are going to unpack. And don’t forget to get rid of all those unwanted things you never knew you had until you started packing.

A small tip while loading the cartons on the truck is to always have the most essential items kept in the front so that you don’t have to drag all the items from the vehicle to your new apartment just to have the most important belonging lying in the end. You should also bear in mind to place the cartons in their respective rooms and not in the hallway or drawing room. It will only lend as a mountain wall for you to trip over. So better take a little more time and place them right where they belong.

Clean the space

You must clean-up the new space no matter if it were already clean or the landlord was courteous enough to have a clean prior to your move. Cleaning will allow you feel the spaces. You will gradually develop the idea as to which corners get sunlight or if the drawing room is differently shaped for you to experiment with it while decorating.

Unpack the most essential items

You should always have a handy bag of the most important everyday items that you will need right after shifting. It may include phone charger, wash room essentials, fresh pair of clothes curtains etc. You can also have medications and important documents stored in the handy kit for easy accessibility.

Unpack according to the rooms

Isn’t great if at the end of the day when you are literally exhausted after the shifting and unpacking process, you have a clean and cosy bed to sink in. All your efforts will bear fruits if you have this trick decoded. Always unpack according to rooms. Start with Bedrooms, proceed to kitchens and then the wash room. These three rooms make a house, a home. It will make you comfortable now. The basic amenities right at your disposal. And never leave one room in between and hog onto the other in the middle. It will only take more time and create confusion.

Set out sofa-sets and bigger furniture pieces

Always have your sofa set and other fixtures adjoined right where you want to place them. Never do the mistake of not planning where and exactly at which angle you are want to have them. There is no use of carrying the huge sofa set all across your drawing room to see where it suits. Exempt yourself from this chaotic situation and assemble it smoothly where you would like to place it. With all the heavy furniture and fixtures your home is now ready.

Putting out display items

Talking about logical necessities to random piece of art, yes this is unpacking in a nutshell! Dig out all your expensive lamps, lanterns, decors, photo frames, wall hangings etc and make the place look like ‘your’ place. It will make you feel at home right on the first day of your move. It will soothe your senses and provide a connection with this new place, your new home.

Don’t rush to plug in electric appliances

While some electric appliances render help are very important like the induction, refrigerator, and washing machine, while others are a plain waste of time. They are only to distract you like the TV set and Internet connection. Enjoy the peace, decorate your home, meet your new neighbors and have a beauty sleep. Don’t let other unnecessary things come in between you and your new home. TV and other past-time appliances should be checked in a day later when you are free of all your household chores.

The last things go in the attic

Once you are done with your living area, you move to the things that couldn’t be donated, sold, or in any way purged out of your life. In that case let the attic and store-room do the honors for you. You should always wait till you decide which items go in the attic or garage. Have everything in its place and place for everything.

Recycle the cardboard boxes

After you have successfully unpacked all your belongings, you still have this heap of carton boxes with you. Well, do your bit by recycling it. You can call a trash collector or you can take it to the nearest recycling factory. A more subtle way can be to give to people in your neighborhood who are going to shift soon.

Shifting is an all new experience. No matter how many times you have shifted and relocated, every time it has something new to offer. Unpacking is like a beautiful end to the journey. You have now upgraded your new home to the next level with all the unwanted and old stuff lying behind, looking forward to a new venture.