Shifting with your things is a hassle. A good planning is always the requirement of shifting. When a person wishes to move with the things that he possesses he wishes to take each and everything safe and secure to the new place and that too without any complication. Things in moving can only be done perfectly when there is a good planning. If you are planning to move with the things that you possess at home then it is needed that you should have a good plan of action for the same.

In this informative article, we are going to tell you about the week by week moving checklist and something which is going to make the day and the event even more interesting for you. This checklist will make you to handle the pressure of shifting perfectly well.

4 Weeks Before: Arrange for the disconnection of utility supply. This would favor your needs and would help you to come out of the things in a hassle free manner. It is needed for you to arrange for proper supplies and disconnection of utility when you have the time period of four weeks in your hands.

3 Weeks Before: The three weeks before time period of the move need to be tackled with extreme care. This is the time when you should contact the moving company, if they are assisting you in the move. In case, you are handling the task to packers and movers it is okay but in case you are doing the things by own then this is the most appropriate time for you to collect the packing materials for the task.

2 Weeks Before: The time period of two weeks before the move is very important. At this time you are supposed to make the necessary amendments in the address so that everything may go on in a smooth manner and things could be managed well too.

A Week Before: A week before the move is the time to say goodbye to your loved ones. You can arrange for a farewell party or a get together. Don’t move with regrets of not meeting your loved ones, instead you should plan for a farewell meet with them.

So, this is the moving checklist for four weeks before the move. Following the rules, you could very well handle the stress and could reach to the next place safe and secure too.